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The linkage system allows beginners to easily sit and perform an effective crunch motion.Well developed abs increase breath power, support digestion and force the basal metabolism.Supporting your head and neck should help reduce the strain performing crunches has on your body, so you can get the most out of your routine.The Circuit Series Ab Crunch is a simple way to strengthen the midsection.

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The Ab Cruncher by Maha Fitness may help improve your basic crunch by adding support to your head, neck, and upper body.Crunches target the superficial surface muscles—the ones that give us a six-pack.The bicycle crunch is an excellent exercise for building abdominal strength and toning your thighs.Your abdominal muscles are primarily composed of the rectus abdominis in the center and the obliques on each side of your stomach.Some will wonder why they need to give their abs a workout as its usually what they always talk about during gym time.

The basic crunch is the consummate abdominal exercise in a strength-training program.

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Exercise Instructions: The ab crunch machine exercise is performed by first positioning yourself in the machine securely.

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Other (see description), Brand new, has 6 tension springs with it.These machines are usually found in health clubs or on home gym equipment and involve a forward crunching movement that targets your abdominal muscles.

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Although many people may find ab crunches to be monotonous, when combined with time, patience, exercise, and a healthy diet, they will eventually see good results.Although crunches are better as an ab exercise, lumbar spine compression loads are increased to unhealthy levels with sit-ups and crunches and risk injury to disc and ligament tissues.

It is difficult to get that six pack without having the right approach to working out the muscle.Your product will be shipped to its final destination to arrive in 2 business days or faster.I bought the Ab roller for doing crunches and for that it works well.

Ultimate Ab Workout Easy Ab Workout Killer Ab Workouts Great Ab Workouts Effective Ab Workouts Six Pack Abs Workout Lower Ab Workouts Ab Cruncher Lower Abdominal Workout Forward Maha Fitness Ab Cruncher - A toned core contributes to an overall healthy you, and the Maha Fitness Ab Cruncher will have you toning up in no time flat.

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Advanced users can add plate loaded resistance for a progressive workout.This intense muscle isolation makes them a popular exercise for people trying to get six-pack abs.

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