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The information will be collected by doing a web search for facts that will follow.

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Imagine this: It is the 1700s and America is in the midst of the American Revolution.


LOOK in the museum exhibits, READ signs and labels, and TALK to the soldiers and sailors from 1781 you encounter here during your visit.It provides links to answer questions about the events that led up to the American Revolution.FIND as many answers to these questions about the story of the Ticonderoga Peninsula as you can.

8th Grade Social Studies Revolutionary Period Unit Information

Long Description: This handsome polished red granite obelisk stands along TX SH 165 along Meomrial Row in the Texas State Cemetery.List important information about the American Revolution that you want students to learn, and encourage them to use the timeline to find the answers.Along the way, you and your teammates will complete fun photo challenges, test your knowledge of local trivia, and solve riddles that will bring your entire group together.The American Revolution was the first time in history a colony had successfully rebelled against its ruling country and gained independence.

Each state began to act alone in its best interest. 4. The Articles of Confederation became effective on March 1, 1781. 5. The government was weak after the Articles of Confederation was put into.

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She was John Adams wife and during the revolutionary war she sent letters to her husband talking about he life. Thomas.It also gives students links to research the battles and the difference between British and American soldiers.If there is no highlighted word, then stay on the page you are presently viewing and search for the answer there.Question 2: Compare the American casualties at the Battle of Princeton to the American casualties at the Battle of Brandywine.

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If there is no highlighted word, you responsible for doing a web search to find the information.

The students will be grouped to find information that is not usually covered.Scavenger Hunt: American Revolution (7th Grade): Answer Key Important Documents (Michelle Moyna) 1.Click on the highlighted words in each question to find the answers.

Day One U.S. History Review Packet Scavenger Hunt Unit One

An American Revolution Scavenger hunt will enable eighth grade students to better learn about important events and people during the Revolutionary War period.

People of the American Revolution Scavenger Hunt

Thematic Units - The Revolutionary War

American Revolution Scavenger Hunt - 4th gradeTowne Acres

PLEASE NOTE: This category is for American Revolutionary War Veterans only.Title: The American Civil War Review Scavenger Hunt Use the underlined sites to find the answers to the questions. (Place your cursor before the.

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